Lorgues-en-ProvenceRead more about the village near la Bastide du Pin

Lorgues-en-Provence is a charming village located in the heart of the vineyards of the Côtes de Provence. It is halfway between Aix-en-Provence and Nice, the Verdon and Saint-Tropez, a central location that is perfect for facilitating the visit of the natural and cultural treasures nearby.

A view of Lorgues-en-Provence from la Bastide du Pin

Provençal marketsEveryone comes to the market in Lorgues

Provençal markets are still very lively and picturesque. In Lorgues, it takes place every Tuesday and is one of the most important in Provence. People come to buy or sell from very far! You will find fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats and deli meats, wines, flowers, plants, fragrant herbs, but also clothing, leather, accessories: everything is there!

In addition to the Tuesday market, there is now in summer another market every Friday morning. It is a local farmers' market reserved for farmers established in Lorgues or in nearby villages. It offers vegetables and fruits, wine and honey, cheeses, etc.

Lorgues on a market day

If you want a list of all the markets of the Var department, please follow this link.

Historic Lorgues

The beautiful countryside that surrounds us has attracted men for quite a long time: the dolmens built on the hills overlooking one of the hamlet of Lorgues called Saint-Jaume evidence permanent settlement in the territory of Lorgues-en-Provence as early as the Bronze Age!

Learn more about the history of the village by visiting this well-documented website.

Discovery tours

We have small leaflets in French, English or German available for you that will guide your steps through the narrow streets of the old village of Lorgues. Another itinerary will make you discover fountains and wash houses of the village.

Shopping in LorguesOpen for business!

All kinds of shops, services and facilities are available in Lorgues-en-Provence. Within 2 kilometres from la Bastide du Pin, you will find:

and you will not always have to drive as you can walk to the centre of Lorgues on a safe and quiet little road that will lead you there in 15 minutes !

Lorgues under the plane trees

Learn more about Lorgues on the website of the tourist office of Lorgues.