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Plans des façades de la bastide

An authentic bastide

Our house is an authentic bastide built in the late eighteenth century.

The term "Bastide" originated in the 18th century when it became fashionable for wealthy families who lived in large towns like Marseilles to spend some time in the summer in these houses built in the countryside, far from the stress of their urban lives. The houses were built and staffed generously, both for working in the olive groves, vineyards and other land around, and for maintaining the house itself, even though their owners would typically continue to reside in town for most of the year.

Our bastide was probably the home of the masters of the area located in the Northwest of Lorgues-en-Provence and that is still known as the "Domaine du Pin" (Pine area).

At the time, the bastide was entirely surrounded by olive groves that span these Provençal terraces called "restanques". Vine rows were planted between the trees.

Olive oil and wine, our ancestors knew how to focus on what really matters! Every year we harvest the olive grove that you can contemplate from the rooms facing the South. We then bring the olives to the local oil mill.

Our bastide is firmly seated on the hillside, at an altitude of 250 meters, and built with surprisingly thick walls as the thickness of some of the exterior walls exceed one meter! That guarantees a cool temperature inside the house, even during the hottest summers.

A respectful renovation

The bastide has been fully renovated twelve years ago in accordance with the original plans and traditions of Provence. In some places in the main staircase as well as in several rooms, you can see the original tiles dating back to the 18th century. Elsewhere, the old tiles were replaced by traditional Provençal tiles called "tommettes". The decoration of the house makes an important usage of ceramics from Salernes, the next village to the west and the Mecca of ceramic art .

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A large park

Le jardin de la Bastide du Pin

The bastide is set on a hillside, surrounded by a 11,000 m² park: take a moment to enjoy the shade of the pine tree with a good book, wander in the garden in the scent of lavender and roses or watch the olives and figs maturing...


Le village de Lorgues près de la Bastide du Pin

Lorgues is a typical Provençal village, with its main street planted with plane trees, with its fountains and wash-houses, its weekly market (several markets each week in summer).

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