Around Lorgues-en-ProvenceProvence, naturally...

Start off your day from Lorgues, drive across olive groves and vineyards to visit in the charming villages around la Bastide du Pin. Perched on top of hills, quietly lazing in the curve of a river near waterfalls, protected by cliffs or rocky gorges, each village has its own character and charm. A shady square with plane trees, narrow streets where we hear murmuring water flowing in fountains or wash houses, the charm of authentic Provence.

In this page, we hope to make you want to discover all these gems. We will be happy to share our favourite spots and talk with you about those!

The vineyards of Côtes de Provence Olive groves and vineyards colonise every acre of arable land around Lorgues

Lorgues au coeur des vignobles des Côtes de Provence

There are fifteen wineries in Lorgues. Most of them welcome you to their cellars for a free tasting. Some wine makers will even offer you a discount if you tell them that you are staying at la Bastide du Pin!

Download these short guides

The Dracénie tourist office has published these short guides (in French) about the most remarkable sites. For convenience, you can also download these here:

As us for advice

We will imagine with you tours and itineraries tailored to your desires and to the period of your stay ...

Online ressources!

Countless resources exist on the internet to help you discover Provence. Here are a few that will help you especially to discover the gems around la Bastide du Pin:

The VerdonLess than one hour away


Whether you love 6a grade climbing, pedal boats or swimming in wild places, the Verdon natural park to the Park is for you. In a lifetime, one should have seen the colours of the lake of Sainte-Croix and the gorges. It is such a refreshing swim in the summer, and so close!

Exciting museums

Provence can also be a place where you learn! Among the museums that are close to Lorgues, we recommend in particular the following (most websites are still in French only but the museums are worth visiting, wherever you come from):

Get there cycling!

Cycling around la Bastide du Pin

All the sites mentioned on this page can be reached by bike from la Bastide du Pin. Some of our guests even come cycling from the Riviera!